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Hello. I'm Erik. I'm here to make your business sales grow!!!

President & CEO

Styled By Ro Ro

A wonderful designed, from the South of the Netherlands came to my attention today and I have to show her off.

Her jewelry style and collections are classy affordable and dazzling to the eye.

Mostly for women and children, it brings Dutch fashion and fun to your doorstep.


Video Commercial

We can make small video commercials to bring your local business to the spotlight.

Already can make your own videos? Then utilize our social media seminar, to make your video seen by millions.

Have a look at a free trial video we created for a client.....

If your interested in having a free trial video made of your business contact Erik at

TheOranjeUmbrellaco@live.nl  Today!

Or use the Contact Us form

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Contact us Form

We can also create CONTACT US Forms for your website. do you have that yet?

We can do it for you


Official Logo

If you check the right side of the page, the Logo is listed under the title picture. While we are still editing the site, here is the official logo of the Oranje Umbrella Company.

Did you know? We can also create Logo's?

Just press the Contact us link at the top, located in the Pages menu and I can tell you more.....

The Oranje Umbrella Company


Knowmads Greenhouse

Its always best when running your own company, to work in a space that allows you to get maximum amount of tasks done. Who would have thought that there are places in the world to accommodate such an activity, for free?

Amsterdam has a lot of hidden gems to offer, but one in particular is the Seats2Meet Organization. They provide a space, mostly geared towards entrepreneurs, with work desk, free wifi, desk, chairs, pens, juggling balls, everytthing and anything you need in order to make your business grow.

Just when I was already impressed and ready to begin work, I found out it gets better. During the day, as long as you sign in and provide a form of social currency i.e, offer your skills to others working near you, you get free lunch!

Great way to network, make connections, and grow your brand.

Highly recommended

Greatly encouraged. Search for one in your area today Seats2Meet

Heres some photos of this great work space.

Entrepreneurial Art
My Work Space already decorated
View of the office space
Guitar In case you feel a song coming on

Free Lunch
Contributing People at Knowmads Business School


Green House Upstairs :)


Bar 020 Grand Opening

Linking back to Monst3r Blog, will show you videos from our founder Erik, host and editor of Monst3r Blog, one of the sites managed by the Oranje Umbrella Company.

Bar 020 is pronounced Nul Twee Nul, and just so happens to be the telephone area code of Amsterdam( like NewYork City's popular 212 area code). This new addition, is an R&B, Electronic and House music bar located on Handboogstraat in the heart of Amsterdam's trendy Jordaan neighborhood. With a modernly decorated atmosphere, and a DJ rotation that will make your hips groove, this bar is already the popular hot spot in Amsterdam.

Next door to 020 you can find the same coffee shop, where Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney filmed a scene in the movie Oceans 12!!

In the future we will be doing champagne promotion, and more interviews/video from the club opening.

Here's a few pictures of Erik with a major DJ here in the Amsterdam Scene, and Europe who was also spotted at Bar 020.

Dj Blackshades. He's opened for Armin Van Buren, spun in Ibiza, and has a trademark look.

for bookings you may contact his website. Black Shades Music DJ/Producer

Here is DJ Blackshades with delicious Champagne
The queue waiting to get into the event.


4 minutes video please watch

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