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With approximately over 8 years experience as a Marketing/Advertising Editor, Blogger, Social Media Expert and Financial Consultant, I have had the pleasure of taking my clients to a higher step. Now after relocating my work and business to Amsterdam, I can continue doing so with an international prospective.

Did you know it is reported that about 13% of the EU speak english as there mother tongue? Officially almost 51% of the EU is recognized as comprehending or understanding the English language. There are many who desire to create eye catching web/print content, that reaches any of these millions.  Working in several corporate environments, I was always tasked with assisting various departments and  organizations with creating eye catching content that inspires customer return and drives sales volumes higher. Now I do that for companies in the United States and in the European Union. 

How much of your content is truly comprehensible to the millions who speak English that your trying to reach? Are you using SEO techniques, and is your message coming across clearly?

I always enjoy playing this youtube video that shows, what English sounds like to those who aren't fluent. I bring this matter up only to pose this question.

How much of your message is lost because of incorrect translation, or as the video places it " fake english" ?

Let the Oranje Umbrella Company assist you in getting a crystal clear message across to your English language audience. I can also make sure, that whatever website content you already have, or desire to create, is fresh, exciting, Search Engine Optimized(SEO),  relevant, and most importantly, makes you more money. 

Contact Erik for immediate availability and assistance Contact US

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