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Its always best when running your own company, to work in a space that allows you to get maximum amount of tasks done. Who would have thought that there are places in the world to accommodate such an activity, for free?

Amsterdam has a lot of hidden gems to offer, but one in particular is the Seats2Meet Organization. They provide a space, mostly geared towards entrepreneurs, with work desk, free wifi, desk, chairs, pens, juggling balls, everytthing and anything you need in order to make your business grow.

Just when I was already impressed and ready to begin work, I found out it gets better. During the day, as long as you sign in and provide a form of social currency i.e, offer your skills to others working near you, you get free lunch!

Great way to network, make connections, and grow your brand.

Highly recommended

Greatly encouraged. Search for one in your area today Seats2Meet

Heres some photos of this great work space.

Entrepreneurial Art
My Work Space already decorated
View of the office space
Guitar In case you feel a song coming on

Free Lunch
Contributing People at Knowmads Business School


Green House Upstairs :)

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4 minutes video please watch

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