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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is going to be the marketing concept behind the Monst3r Blog.

This blog is going to feature articles of interest for small business owners, how to operate a business in the netherlands, interviews with current small business owners , and the professional services offered by the Oranje Umbrella Company.

The Oranje Umbrella company was founded in 2013, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Its purpose is to exceed at marketing and advertising local businesses and services, and create relations between The United States and The Netherlands.

With the avent of Social Media as a marketing tool, the Oranje Umbrella host a list of services which can help increase revenues for business through this amazing tool.

"In Order to build our nation, we must all exceed our own expectations."- Nelson Mandela....

We as a company fully believe, that in order to succeed in life, we must all exceed our own expectations. We offer services with the highest regard of service that compliments this quote.

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