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My name is Erik Adofo-Mensah. I love coffee.  I can contacted by clicking here.

Originally I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. I lived there and in Florida, until 2013. I now reside permanently in Amsterdam.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Management Science, University of Tampa (2007)
                  Teach English Foreign Language ( TEFL) Certification (2013)

I have done Financial Consulting for over 5 years, Traded Mutual Funds, Operated my own company, and served as General Manager for several organizations. I like to consider myself a jack of all trades, with the ability to master an ability.

Likes(in no particular order) : Chopin, Bjork, Piano playing, French, English, Dutch, Grey Goose Dirty Martini's with Bleu Cheese stuffed Olives, French Wines 2011, My Dutch Partner, Viola Playing, Tennis, Working Out, Dogs, Cats, Toasties, Coffee, Wifi, The Internet, Space, Einstein, Biking, Hot Tea, The Secret, Mozart, StumbeUpon.Com, Steve Jobs, Audiobooks, Traveling to every corner of this Earth, Fashion, Money

Dislikes: closed minds, small spaces, hot air balloons, elevators, vaseline, and holes in my socks, where do they come from!?

Noteable Companies Worked For:

Premier Market Solutions

Feel free to contact me to engage in any of the "likes" activities, or to contract my services.
Martinis are frequently welcomed :)

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