First Interview. Best At Media

Thank you for your patience everyone! I appreciate you taking the time to take a lok at our first small business interview. As hosted by Erik from Monst3r Blog. This is an example of the video content we can produce............


 This is Ivo, the Owner of Best At Media, a photography, model, and advertising company headquartered in Amsterdam. He advertises and photographs events at posh places such as Little Buddha, and the Summer Breeze Salsa Festival. Did you know, that there is a huge Salsa presence in here in Amsterdam? Ivo gives a quick insight into his business, what he does, and what his company can do. If your interested in contact Ivo, or his services please contact him on his website Best at Media...

He also was kind enough to edit and record this interview in HD Quality.

Prices for video creation and editing listed above, please contact Erik at TheOranjeUmbrellaCo@live.com for any and all price inquiries.

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4 minutes video please watch

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